HOT MIC: Hillary Thinks Camera’s Off… Caught Sending A Shocking Message To Person Off Stage



For a woman riding high on the extreme probability that she would become president, Hillary Clinton did not have a great Sunday. Instead of impaling Donald Trump on the nuclear stake of his comments, she instead got beaten back from the White House door rather forcefully.

So, how did Hillary handle it? In the most Hillary way humanly possible: by cursing out Donald Trump.

This clip from the debate happened as Trump was talking about health care. Hillary wasn’t willing to interrupt Trump, but she was pretty willing to show what she thought of the Republican nominee.

Take a look:

Ah yes. The F-bomb has been dropped, and it wasn’t in the Nevada desert, but in St. Louis, Missouri.

Look, Secretary Clinton, I get it. There are plenty of instances I might be tempted to use the F-missile against someone I dislike. I am also not in the running for president of the United States. I do not have to worry about what the people who don’t agree with me want to think.

You are in the running for the president, Madam Secretary. This means that you do have to worry about what Americans think. You can’t just tell them — or their candidate — “f*** you.” And that’s exactly what that mouthed message — whether Hillary was talking to someone off stage or just to herself — amounted to.

However, why should we be surprised? This is what Hillary Clinton has been telling America from the beginning. Do you not like her vision for America? Well, f*** you. Don’t realize how her policies will be awesome for you? F*** you. Don’t understand why voting conservative is wrong? F*** you, too.

In fact, I propose that this probably should have been her campaign slogan. It’s pithy, it’s succinct, and it tells America exactly how she feels about anyone who disagrees with her. It’s also a lot shorter than “I’m with Her.” Not sure if the networks are going to air it, though.

Needless to say, I’m not terribly impressed by Hillary’s unwanted interjection. I have one consonant and four asterisks tor her, too, and they aren’t pleasant. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree with this assessment.

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