Holy Smokes! Judge Jeanine Just BRUTALLY DESTROYED Hillary With Her Best Opening Statement EVER


VIA| Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro is well-known for the fiery and pointed “Opening Statements” that begin her show, and her latest edition did not disappoint as she slammed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for both her health issues and incessant race baiting hypocrisy.

“This week, Hillary is all better and she and her surrogates call on all Americans, all but us deplorables that is, to stand up and repudiate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric,” Pirro began. “How? Through their own divisive rhetoric.”

She then played clips of Clinton and one of her surrogates accusing Republican nominee Donald Trump of being a bigoted racist in regards to the “birther” controversy, followed by a clip of Trump pointing out that the controversy was started by Clinton’s own 2008 campaign team.

Pirro moved on to note that Clinton was “so desperate for the black vote” that she herself is inciting race issues to demonize Trump, topped off with a clip of Clinton denouncing Trump’s blunt yet truthful assessment of the problems ailing struggling black inner city communities nationwide.

The judge responded by stating, “Maybe your recent health issues have prevented you from grasping the reality of inner-city crime, like that on the South Side of Chicago. Where young kids drop out of school because they have no hope of a future, join gangs, get guns and engage in all-out war.”

After pointing out that Clinton has essentially promised to continue the same policies put in place by President Barack Obama that have done nothing to fix the problems plaguing black inner cities, indeed at times making them worse, she then accused Clinton of having no solutions and of only being a part of the problem that Trump would like to address.

Pirro proceeded to utterly slam Clinton by reading back one of her own hypocritical quotes, saying, “Imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world. Imagine a president who sees someone who doesn’t look like him, doesn’t agree with him, and thinks that person must not be a real American, close quote.”

“Hillary! That’s exactly what you said last week when you called us deplorable because we didn’t agree with your vision, we were not American,” Pirro said.

You can watch the entire segment right here:

Judge Jeanine held nothing back in her latest “Opening Statement,” hitting Hillary Clinton hard for her litany of health issues and hypocritical race baiting attacks on Trump that come across as nothing less than the worst example of pandering for the black vote that our nation has seen in quite some time, if ever.

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  1. Nana

    September 19, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    What I find rather amusing is that hilary has been going after the black vote herself. Don’t remember if it was this campaign or ’08 when she even stooped to speaking in a manner that I guess she thinks of as black speech. But, heaven forbid that the opposing candidate would go after the very people she is. I guess it’s a first come, first serve situation–I got here first, you have to find someplace else to campaign!!! smh

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