HMMM… Bill Clinton Falls Into Full PANIC Mode After Being Asked This SIMPLE Question…


VIA| If you listen to Hillary on the campaign trail you can tell she is desperate.

You could tell by her body language yesterday on the trail that she is not happy about where she sits in the polls and she trotted out former Miss Universe Alicia Machado again which is a clear sign that she is freaking out.

Bill Clinton doesn’t look much better.

Check out this exchange with a heckler.

Gee. I thought Bill Clinton was supposed to be smooth?

Also, he’s 100% wrong about how the woman characterized his Obamacare comments.

Larry O’Connor has more…

From Hot Air:

Bill Clinton is the man who’s supposed to serve the purpose of “humanizing” Hillary Clinton. He’s supposed to deliver the charming and affable political moments that her evasive, unlikable and prickly demeanor renders her incapable of delivering.

So, to see Bill angrily and hysterically losing his cool like this and Hillary slipping back into the “sick and tired” screaming candidate delivers the impression that perhaps the wheels are coming off the Scooby Van.

The Clinton’s love to run negative campaigns.

Until the rhetoric is directed at them.

Then they are “sick and tired” of it.

Things are not looking good in Clinton land.

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