Hillary TRIES To Laugh Off HEALTH Conspiracy Theory- THEN THIS HAPPENS… IT’S TRUE!



Hillary sure was busy on Labor Day trying to shuffle off the theories that her health is failing, but she probably should have taken a nap between events.

At one point, she laughed off the accusations as mere conspiracy theories, and then minutes later she nearly coughed up a lung!!

 Here’s how she made fun of the “conspiracy theories” while showing off her new campaign plane to the fawning press:

Hah hah hah!! They’re so silly!! And then here’s Hillary a few minutes later, as a coughing fit hits her so bad she has to end the press gaggle!! LOL!!

This was so hilarious that people started trending the term “Hacking Hillary” on Twitter, and it pretty much took over the slow news day on Labor Day. Good job there, Hillerator!!

But that wasn’t even the first time that she had caught the whooping cough bug that day – earlier during a rally, she made her poor audience wait for an agonizing four minutes while her lung tried to claw it’s way up her throat to freedom.

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