As Hillary Prepares For Her Debate, Obama Gives HER The WORST Advise POSSIBLE…


VIA| Americans are eagerly anticipating the first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle. Monday evening will be the first time Americans will see Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton take on GOP nominee Donald Trump face to face. And a record number of us are expected to tune in, as The Christian Science Monitor reports:

The first on-air showdown between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Sept. 26 is predicted by experts to bring in as many as 100 million television viewers – reaching almost as many people as the Super Bowl. 

According to The Hill, the 2012 presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney averaged 66.4 million viewers across major broadcast and cable outlets. In contrast, the 2015 Super Bowl had 111.9 million viewers, which rose to 118.5 million during pop star Katy Perry’s performance at halftime.

Hillary Clinton has dramatically scaled back her appearances between now and the debate to rest up and prep for the showdown. And President Obama has offered his gal Hillz two words of advice:

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  1. Steve Marshall

    September 25, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    We’re not electing a child care Mom, we’re electing the President of the United States . Big deal, Hillary likes and cares about kids. She lies to everybody, all the time. Good ole Crooked Hillary.

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