Hillary JUST Cancelled All FUTURE Campaigning With Bernie, After He Admits This About Her…



After leaked audio revealed Hillary Clinton mocking then-opponent Bernie Sanders’ supporters, the Vermont socialist said he agreed with what grandma had to say.

His fans are basement dwelling children.

Now, Clinton has canceled joint events with Sanders after the comment apparently “bothered” him.

…and Hillary continues to dig herself a deeper whole with younger crowds

From Washington Examiner:

The Hillary Clinton campaign has canceled joint appearances with former primary opponent Bernie Sanders after he admitted that “of course” it bothered him that Clinton seemed to be talking down to his supporters in hacked audio from a fundraiser.

The two were set to have joint appearance together Monday. Instead, Sanders will appear in both Iowa and Wisconsin on Monday to boost her candidacy without her.

Clinton is now scheduled to swing through Iowa later in the week, but possibly without Sanders, who was asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” if it bothered him that Clinton had referred to his younger supporters as “the children of the great recession” who “live in their parents’ basement” to Democratic Party donors.

Why does Hillary consistently go after voters?



Doesn’t she need people to vote for her in order to become president, or was a back room deal worked out already?

I mean, do votes even matter to grandma at this point, or has the DNC already rigged the process beyond the primaries?

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    October 5, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Sounds to me like Bernie needs to come on over to the Basket of Deplorables . And jump on the TRUMP TRAIN. PROUD TEXAS DEPLORABLE.!!!!VOTE TRUMP!!!!

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