Hillary Exploits The Olympics In Desperate Attempt To Try And Defeat Trump In This Way…


VIA| While most of us are sitting down to enjoy the Olympics and watch Michael Phelps continue his world domination, Hillary Clinton is plotting her next move toward the White House.

You might have noticed from the commercials she is running during the event.

Bustle’s Chris Tognotti explains…

From Bustle:

If you’ve been tuning into the Olympics on NBC lately, then there’s a reasonably good chance you seen, well, one of America’s major presidential candidates asking for your vote. And that’s no accident. Hillary Clinton is buying up Olympics ad time to try to press her advantage against GOP nominee Donald Trump, and so far, she’s done so basically entirely unopposed.

As Julie Bykowicz detailed for the Associated Press on Tuesday, Clinton has spent nearly $14 million on advertisements airing during the Rio games, compared to a grand total of zero dollars from Trump. It simply hasn’t been a page in the Trump campaign’s playbook throughout this election to spend money on broadcast advertisements, given the candidate’s uncanny ability (based largely on his inflammatory, stream-of-consciousness tweets) togenerate free media coverage.

Here is one of the ads.

You don’t have to watch. I could only get through a few seconds.

Hillary is outspending Trump on ads.

By a lot.  Like, $52 million to $0 a lot.

From NBC News:

Nearly $100 million has been spent on general-election TV advertisements in the presidential race since the primary season ended, but Donald Trump’s campaign still hasn’t spent a single cent on one of them.

This lack of advertising is all more striking given Trump’s deficit in the polls — as well as the recent influx of campaign contributions he’s reportedly raked in.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has now spent $52 million on ads, and pro-Clinton outside groups have chipped in an additional $39 million, according to ad-spending data from Advertising Analytics. (That’s the new name of the company NBC News partners with on this data.)


Some people are claiming that Trump is just “waiting” to get warmed up over the next few weeks.

Judging by the polls, not sure what he is waiting for.

However, when Trump starts running ads and spending money, you know he’s going to come up with something good.

Hopefully, they will look something like this.

That one never gets old.

Wonder how much longer Trump is going to roll with this “unconventional” campaign thing?

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