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Here Is What Carbohydrates Are Doing To Your Body [VIDEO]


Many have been bad mouthing carbohydrates for quite a while now. Though, the concept can now be associated with the rise in fame of what is known as Atkins diet from early 2000s. As a result of this, ‘You eat carbs!’ emerged as the insult among teenagers in no time. This misunderstanding about such things as cake, rice and bread as carbohydrates has now been proved completely wrong. That raises an entirely new question about the identity of carbohydrates.

Carbs, what are carbohydrates

An episode of TED-Ed suggests that one may try their best to avoid white bread while feasting on salads and soda all the while which can actually contribute a plethora of carbs to one’s diet. A can of soda, a bowl of rice along with a loaf of bread contain that many carbs within them. In addition, essential veggies and fruits like tomatoes and avocados contain high amounts of carbs. That does beg the question as to whether one should exclude a lot of carbs out of the diet to maintain a decent weight.

To begin with, it is important to be clear that carbs are a nutritional category for molecules and sugars. The human body breaks down these in order to produce sugars which can be either complex or simple in terms of their makeup. When speaking of simple sugars, we refer to fructose, glucose or galactose, two of which can be fused to form complex disaccharides like maltose, lactose as well as sucrose. Complex carbs are known to possess up to ten linked sugars which are broken down by small intestines for use as a source of energy.

Having said that, doughnut and broccoli still do not result in the same effect. Both of them possess complex carbs but the linkages between the complex carbs affects the method of processing by the body. The secret is that links that exist within starch are rather conveniently broken by the body. This results in the sugar high most of us feel close to 3pm. High fibre foods such as apples, veggies and whole grains are tougher to break down. The rate at which complex carbs are broken by the body in simple sugars in an attempt to increase the level of blood sugar is referred to as Glycemic Index (GI).

Foods having high GI become healthier based on how they are processed. Cooking some foods in a particular fashion can reduce the calories by a half. In a nutshell, carbs can not only make one fat but also contribute to cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as high blood pressure.


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