Here Are The Best And Worst April Fool’s Jokes This Year Had To Offer




Another April Fool’s Day is upon us, and we’ve already seen some of the good (Netflix’s John Stamos prank and Sony unveiling a real-life Proton pack), the bad (that Jessica Lowndes-Jon Lovitz nonsense), and the ugly (Google’s prank going so horribly wrong that people actually lost their jobs). But for every prank we touched on, there were dozens that got swept under the carpet, so here’s some of the best and worst “pranks” that we’ve seen on this April 1.

Starting out, Pornhub had a pretty great joke transforming its homepage into “Cornhub,” the one-stop shop on the internet for all the steamy, sultry corn videos you can shake a cob at. You can get a closer look at Pornhub.com, but be warned that things get pretty NSFW with the click of a button.


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