Her Husband Told Her He’s Been With His Buddies—Then Her Cheerleading Team Shows Her THIS


Dave feels like he failed at his first proposal to his wife BIG TIME. He was so shaky and nervous that he ended up puking his way through it and getting down on both knees.

Several years, and two-and-a-half children later, he just couldn’t get his rotten proposal off of his mind, so he decided to go for a re-proposal because why NOT?! She deserved better and his creativity was finally ready to concoct some romantic awesomeness.

His wife Jacqueline always thought that he took no interest in her cheerleading team, so he decided to incorporate her life’s passion into his new proposal as well. Dave had to constantly tell her that he was with his friends so that he could sneak off with the team and get the big plan orchestrated to perfection.

After weeks of good-hearted scheming, watch as they reveal Dave’s amazing re-proposal. After 8 years of marriage, it’s like he just laid eyes on his bride for the first time! The best kind of love just grows better with time!


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