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Her Baby Got Stuck In A Hole, But Mom Couldn’t Get The Little One Out. Now Watch What Happens…



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In this heartwarming video, an elephant calf found itself stuck in a watering hole unable to get out. The panic and fear is evident in the calf’s movements. His legs were not long enough and the sides were slippery mud, he could not get any traction.

His mother had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get him out, but just could not figure out a way. Their herd had left them but as soon as they realized the pair were not there, they miraculously came back. Another elephant with seemingly more experience helped mom and rescued baby.

See The Heartwarming Rescue!

This is such a blessing, the baby made it out safely. What a beautiful video displaying the power and need of teamwork in times of struggle and fear. Amen!

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