After Hearing FBI Reopened Her Case, Trey Gowdy Gives Hillary Exactly What She Deserves



South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is going to make a strong Attorney General in a Donald Trump administration if the job isn’t given to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Time after time Gowdy makes headlines for attacking Democrats, leaving them speechless in the process.

Here’s his response to the FBI reopening its case into Hillary Clinton’s private email server while appearing on Fox News’ The Kelly File, saying, “It’s just too rich.”

From BizPac Review:

“Well it’s pretty extraordinary because Secretary Clinton had an extraordinary email arrangement with herself,” Gowdy said. “She is the author of her own destiny. Everything that’s happened since then is the natural, probable consequence of deciding you’re going to have a rogue email system.”

Gowdy, a member of the House Oversight Committee and former chair of the Select Committee on Benghazi, believes Comey did the right thing in announcing the reopening of the investigation but that his letter was “cryptic” as it did not confirm what newly discovered emails contained.

“He hasn’t even confirmed yet that the information is significant,” Gowdy said. Comey told bureau employees in an internal memo that timing and the pending election obligated him to disclose the new probe.

“The same person who went to great lengths to make sure that these emails were private now, all of a sudden, wants it all made public,” Gowdy said. “It’s just too rich.”

Clinton clearly has nobody but herself to blame.

She would not be in the position she finds herself in today had she not decided to go rogue and set up that private server.

FBI Director Comey got it wrong the first time, but hopefully now everything will be sorted out.

The problem is that we’re not likely to learn anything new until after the general election.

So, say something damning is discovered after Hillary wins on November 8th. Is she immediately impeached, therefore making Sen. Tim Kaine president?

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