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He Heard A Guy Talking About A Kid With Down Syndrome. When He Realizes What’s Said, He BREAKS Down.


His Son Has Down Syndrome.
Robb Scott is the father of two beautiful boys. 7-year-old Griffin and 5-year-old Turner. His younger son, Turner, has down syndrome. He was in a video store when a father was asked what down syndrome was by his son.
The child in the store had picked up the film, “Where Hope Grows.” The boy then proceeded to ask his dad what down syndrome was to which he responded, “it’s an illness of people not knowing anything.” Scott wanted to explain why that was incorrect, but he didn’t want to create any conflict.
Robb said nothing and left the store silently. Even though he could have quickly explained in a way that would have helped not only the child to understand but also the adult, he turned away from the opportunity. The man’s son was around the same age as Turner, and this moment could have been a pivotal learning experience, but instead it wasn’t.

Once he left the store, the pain of guilt crept up on the inside of him. He wanted to go back in that store and correct them, but it was too late, the moment had passed. So he decided to do something else, he made the decision to make a video.

The video below is the result of this experience. Sometimes, when one opportunity passes you by, another greater one comes in its place. This was Robb’s opportunity to make an even bigger impact from that small encounter. Watch as he explains what happened in that video store, and how it brought him to making this very important video.
A Father So Proud Oh His Son! See The Emotional Video.
God puts special needs children in the hands of gifted families, Robb is a great example, watch his touching video below! Amen…


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