HAPPENING: # BLM Protester Are Marching To Distroy This Historical Land Marker As We Speak!



The march is reminiscent of the book burnings during the Third Reich. Andrew Jackson is actually from Nashville, Tennessee.  His home, the Hermitage, is there, as is a town by the name of Donelson. Jackson married Rachel Donelson and the Donelson family was a prominent one in the area.  The statue of Jackson is in New Orleans because of the Battle of New Orleans, the last battle fought in the War of 1812 after the war was officially declared over.


Now don’t misunderstand, I am no fan of Andrew Jackson. I think if I say the Trail of Tears, that says quite a lot.  It was reprehensible.  Nor am I excusing slavery by any stretch.  I just do not understand why people do not get that history isn’t just good stuff. Frankly, some of it flat sucks. But the entire reason we learn history at all is to learn FROM it — that means we learn from our mistakes and we don’t repeat them as a result! You don’t rewrite it or erase the ugly parts just because you hate what happened. You hate it enough that you make sure it’s screamed from the damn mountain tops and it’s NEVER repeated EVER again!

Here’s more:

Our Nation was born in blood, built upon the skeletons of soldiers that fought for or against its existence. Tribal peoples, relegated to the tomes of history or completely forgotten, settlers who died to be free, immigrants that died whilst building our infrastructure, industry, and mines.

Yes, we may hang our heads in shame about some of our history, but we may also take pride in the fact that we have the freedom to continue to better ourselves, guarantee our freedoms and make sure that our progeny has a future worth living.

We the People must continue to put aside our personal issues and strive to rebuild our economy, repair our foreign policies, educate (not indoctrinate) our youth, push ourselves and others to fight for our progress. If we fail, all is lost.  Our enemies are many, our allies are few. We are the only ones that can step forward and demand to be heard.

People of New Orleans?  Where are you?  Why are you allowing this terrorist group to desecrate your city and tear down your history?

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