Sean Hannity Goes On Hilariously-EPIC Twitter Rant That Caused Mainstream Media Heads to EXPLODE


VIA| Trump recently had a meeting with the media networks and gave them a real piece of his mind. According to reporters, Trump said he was in a room of liars and called out the CNN head to his face. One reporter called the meeting a “f***ing firing squad”.

Sean Hannity, a huge Trump supporter since day one celebrated this news with a series of tweets that have gone viral.“Best news of the day @realDonaldTrump kicking the ass of Network heads for their bias. Zucker, @CNN @MarthaRaddatz @NBCNews. Wish I saw this”, he tweeted.

After people pushed back against Hannity he responded by tweeting, “You lost, maybe u need a coloring book? A cry room? Hot cocoa? You helped @HillaryClinton–OWN IT. @realDonaldTrump will pick supreme ct!”

He then gave some advice to Donald Trump and his readers. “@realDonaldTrump will need your help. The left and the media will want to destroy him. Mark my words and be ready,” he tweeted. For more of Sean Hannity’s tweets check him out here:

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