HAH! Terrorist Thinks Allah Has His Back, Lowly Infidel Proves Him Wrong, POW!



This guy was on a testosterone bend and it would be his last. Smoking a cigarette, this Syrian rebel jumped into the back of a pickup and went to town firing a machine gun at the enemy. You remember the Syrian rebels, right? They are basically the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama has America supporting them. They are every bit as brutal and barbaric as ISIS.

Well, I suppose this guy who was being videoed for social media thought he looked like Rambo up there, but not for long. You hear a pop as a sniper gets off one round and hits this guy in the head with predictable bloody results. One terrorist down, millions to go.

You can hear his buddy saying Allah Akbar in the background, but that didn’t help this guy one bit. It may have been an infidel or another Islamist that took his head off… no big loss if you ask me. There is no good side to be on in Syria these days. None.


From Mad World News:

A video is spreading across social media after a Syrian terrorist decided to try to be a “tough guy.” Although he may have thought Allah had his back, the Islamic jihadist learned that the infidel he was firing at had another idea – and that’s when he heard a pop.

Although the exact location of the incident is currently unknown, reports indicate that it did happen in war-torn Syria. Furthermore,Funker530 reports that the cameraman and gunner were part of the Syrian rebel force.

For those unaware, the Syrian rebel force goes by many names but is most commonly known as the “Muslim Brotherhood.” This is the same group that is backed and funded by President Barack Obama despite the group’s terrorist activity.

Of course, add a massive gun to this already volatile mix, and you get the perfect chemistry for an idiot thinking he’s Rambo. Sure enough, the terrorist scum decided to hop on the vehicle-mounted heavy machine gun and fire a few shots at Syrian Army soldiers in the distance.

If you are going to shoot at the enemy, expect return fire. And if you aren’t covered, well… make your peace with your God, because chances are you are going to meet Him sooner rather than later. Personally, I hope they kill each other off. Saves us less grief in the end. But eventually we are going to have to do clean up. Sigh.

Oh, and if you are going to video it, try and do a better job for posterity’s sake.

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