Grassley Destroys Schumer for Blatantly lying to America regarding Russian collusion


Chuck vs. Chuck results in Grassley putting Schumer in his place.

Former FBI director James Comey mislead the American public by insinuating President Trump was under investigation for Russian collusion when he wasn’t. Rather than admit that little piece of information he decided to endanger the country on a global scale by further illustrating how divided the country is after the 2016 election.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley let democrats know this is how Americans feel while addressing the house on Thursday. Particularly pointing the finger at fellow senator Chuck Schumer.

Via Young Cons:

Grassley said at that time that if President Donald Trump was not under investigation that Comey should make that public as it was wrong to imply he was under investigation if he was not, that it was harmful and divisive for America.

Reading between the lines, it was very clear that Grassley had been told by Comey that Trump was not under investigation.

Comey, of course, failed to take his advice, perhaps putting the nail in Comey’s ability to remain as FBI Director. Had he done so, perhaps none of what followed would have happened.

Grassley said on Thursday that this failure to tell the public harmed America and actually served Russia’s purpose.

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