Gowdy on Calls for Nunes to Be Replaced as Intel Chair: ‘We’re Not Going to Take Advice From Sen Schumer’


Trey Gowdy destroys another libtard with one easy statement.

Republican U.S. Rep from South Carolina, Trey Gowdy, became politically famous after grilling Hillary Clinton like a steak during last year’s investigation into her email scandal. He has done it again to New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

Recently Schumer called for Republican Devin Nunes to step aside as House Intelligence Committee chairman because he believes Nunes can’t be an impartial investigator. Trey lets him know that as a Democrat his opinion on the matter is equal to zero.

Via Breitbart:

“I just love it when Senator Schumer gives Republicans advice on what we ought to do,” Gowdy said. “Devin is doing exactly what the chairman ought to do. When you have a source that has information, you handle that information safely, securely, which is exactly what he did. I wish Senator Schumer and some of the other Democrats would be more interested in authenticity and the reliability of the underlying data and not the means by which it was acquired. Whether it was the White House or Waffle House, what difference does it make if the information is reliable and authentic? It just so happens that Devin had to do it this way. So, we’re not going to take advice from Chuck Schumer on who our chairpeople ought to be.”

Watch Here:

Why on earth would the Republican party take advice from a Democrat? The fact that Democrats want Nunes out of office only proves to Republicans exactly why he needs to stay!

Nunes has something on them and they don’t want it to come to light. That’s the only plausible explanation. Right?

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