GOT’EM: Students Were Asked To Name One Thing Hillary Clinton Accomplished… Their Answers Are PRICELESS!



What if I said that I’m voting for Donald Trump just because he’s a man? Not only would that be a ridiculous reason to vote for a candidate, I’m sure liberals would be happy to brand me a sexist for uttering such a statement.

But when it comes to Hillary? Nope. There’s no shortage of people voting for her for the sole reason that she’s a woman. Because we’ve never had a female president before, it’s somehow okay to vote for someone because of the genitals they happened to be born with.

Show me a Hillary Clinton supporter being asked to give a legitimate reason she’s supporting the candidate, and I’ll show you a dear in headlights. AsCampus Reform reported: This week, Fox News released a poll indicating the majority of Americans view Hillary Clinton as a positive role model.

Campus Reform wanted to see if this same sentiment rang true on college campuses, and if young voters could point to a major accomplishment that indicated Secretary Clinton makes for a good role model. To find out, I went to Georgetown University and first asked students who they were planning to vote for in November, followed by whether they agreed with the findings of the poll.

After discovering the vast majority of students interviewed were Hillary Clinton supporters who agreed that she was a strong role model, I asked if they could point to a single accomplishment or experience which stood out to them.

It soon became abundantly clear that most of them could not.Watch below:

If the students at one of America’s most prestigious universities can’t name a single Hillary accomplishment, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who can. I’d rather they’d been honest and simply said not being a Republican is her accomplishment.

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