GOT’EM: Eric Trump Comes In Swing And Asks The Clinton’s This One Simple Question…



Eric Trump knows the basic rule of business: Nobody makes money unless they are selling something that someone else wants to buy.

That basic premise led the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to voice a question Friday during his appearance on Fox and Friends. The subject was the vast wealth of the Clintons.

Although Trump, as the son of a billionaire, had no objection to wealth, he said that the critical question was the way in which the money was earned.

“The question I always ask is, what product were they selling? If we make a buck, we sold a bottle of wine or an apartment, or we sold a hotel room. What product were they selling to make $150 million?” Eric Trump said.

“Favors? The government?” replied host Ainsley Earhardt.

“Of course,” responded Trump.

“This is the leadership we have in this country. Somebody sets up a foundation. They pocket hundreds of millions of dollars. They say they come out of the White House ‘dead broke.’ Now they are worth $150 million,” he said, referring to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s claim the Clintons were “dead broke” when Bill Clinton’s presidential terms ended.

Trump contrasted the ability of the Clintons to parlay politics into profits with the reality that many Americans are desperate to make ends meet.

“It’s just so so sad,” he said. “People in this country work so hard and sometimes they are not able to achieve because of the policies that these politicians put in place, and look what they do.”

The Clintons have made tens of millions of dollars from speaking fees, some of which came from foreign entities during the time HIllary Clinton was secretary of state.

In her time as secretary of state, Clinton made approximately $185,000 per year. After leaving as secretary of state in 2012, she collected more than $20 million in speaking fees.

Former president Bill Clinton received as much as $500,000 each for speeches he gave to a Russian investment bank and a Chinese business group.

In all, the Clintons earned $6.7 million for speeches they gave in 2015.

Questions about conflicts of interest have also been raised over the activities of the Clinton Foundation. Emails that were released as part of the investigation into Clinton’s private email server have shown Clinton Foundation officials communicating directly with Clinton aides while she was Secretary of State to arrange favors for Clinton Foundation donors.

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