GOT’EM: Dana Loesch Just BURNED Obama’s Orlando Speech… No Wonder This Went Viral



President Barack Obama’s speech after the Orlando attacks — in which he said almost nothing about the Islamic State group terrorist organization but quite a bit about gun control — had plenty of critics. One of the harshest was Dana Loesch.

Loesch, familiar to many as a host on TheBlaze and an ardent gun rights activist, took issue with Obama’s claim that America need to do “soul searching” about abrogating some of our Second Amendment rights.

“We need to do some soul searching,” Obama said. “The point is, if we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult oftentimes to find ahead of time.

“And how easy it is for them to obtain weapons is in some cases going to make a difference as to whether they’re able to carry out attacks like this or not,” Obama added.

Loesch went to Twitter to rant about Obama’s “soul-searching” suggestion.

“No ‘we don’t,” Loesch said. “The Islamic terrorists who keep murdering people do.”

“‘We need to do some soul searching’ says the president who gave guns to Mexican drug cartels and Garland Islamic terrorist Nadir Soofi.” Loesch continued.

“‘We need to do some soul searching’ says the president who released terrorists back to the battlefield to kill our troops,” she continued.

It’s very typical of Barack Obama to believe that the only lesson we should take away from an Islamic terrorist attack is that we should have fewer rights.

In fact, one of the few groups that he’s allegedly in opposition to that he didn’t get around to chastising during his remarks on the Orlando attacks was Islamic terrorists.

If America needs to do any soul-searching, Mr. President, it’s wondering why we’ve allowed terrorist networks like the Islamic State group to flourish. It’s wondering why we’ve sacrificed our safety for political correctness, and why we’ve treated one of the world’s deadliest terror organizations as the “JV team.”

That’s what Dana Loesch was pointing out, and why she was right on the money.

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