GOOD NEWS: French Gymnast Who Snapped His Leg Is Walking Again After Operation


VIA| Aww… Don’t we all love a happy ending! You might have seen the gruesome footage of French gymnast Samir Ait Said breaking his leg while trying to complete a vault at the on-going Olympic Games in Rio. It was pretty heartbreaking.

You might also have seen that Samir’s day just kept getting worse. Not only did he suffer a terrible injury, he was dropped by paramedics as they carried him away on a stretcher. Ouch!

Well, the good news is that Samir is walking again! Just a day after the horrific accident, this brave athlete is on his feet again thanks to surgery. Click on to page two to see pictures of him walking, as well as a video of him thanking his fans for their support while wearing a very patriotic cast!

How Samir managed to maintain such a great attitude, in spite of the unimaginable pain of breaking your leg and losing your chance to win an Olympic medal, is pretty inspiring. He has kept a smile on his face, remained gracious to his supporters and is now walking just a day after his Olympic dreams were crushed.

Samir walking

Even though Samir still requires some support, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before he starts walking unaided. He’s obviously a winner, and this setback is not going to keep him down. Also, check out Samir representing France’s national colours – even from his hospital bed!

For us non-French speakers, here’s a rough translation of Samir’s message:

“As you all know from the media I have an open tibia and fibula fracture – lovely! That required an operation here. The operation went very well and I can be back on my feet quite soon, relatively. So it’s gone well and I’m happy.

“I will be going back to the arena soon to cheer on my friends because the competition hasn’t finished yet. And I can add to the support with my blue, white and red cast. Come on France!

“We have to be behind the boys in the general competition and in the vault. They managed to get going after my fall, which must not have been easy. They were fighters, so lads I say to you, ‘Be strong, be good, I’m with you and I send you all big hugs and believe me – the Tokyo 2020 adventure is still a reality.’

“As soon as I’m back on my feet, believe me we’ll get to training and going after that Olympic gold.

“Thanks everyone again and quite simply – I love you.”

Well done, Samir! We’re sure the French fans will give him all of their support whenever he returns to gymnastics. If they can cheer on fans of a rival country like they did in the video on the next page, they can certainly throw their weight behind a hero like Samir. Keep reading on page three to see the impressive video for yourself.

France beat Iceland in the Euro quarter finals, but their fans were incredibly gracious in their victory. They cheered on disappointed Iceland fans as they left the stadium – the height of sportsmanship. See the video below.

What a great bunch to have in your corner! With fans like this, there is no doubt Samir will be back to competing on a world stage in no time. If you missed our story about his injury, you can read all about how Samir broke his leg during an Olympic qualifying round.

H/T: Mirror

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