IT’S GOING VIRAL: Wife Writes The Most EPIC Letter To Her Husbands Mistress, You’re Going To Want To Read This…


VIA| Melanie knows her worth and will not stand for having a husband that cheats on her. So she’s getting rid of him. But before she does that she decided to reach out to the woman who broke up her marriage so “Jennifer” could understand the effects her actions have had on Melanie and her children.

In a letter to Jennifer, Melanie writes, “Thanks Jennifer. For leaving bite marks all over my husband’s chest last night. No really Thank you! You have no idea what a nightmare you have just saved me and my kids from.”

 The prize Jennifer won for doing Melanie such a service was Melanie’s husband. She then gave Jennifer a list of rules for accepting her prize, which includes supporting him financially.

“Please keep in mind that since he has kept me a stay at home Mom for the better part of the last 11 years he will also be paying me alimony. So forget about his money honey cause it’s mine!”

She goes on to explain that she’ll also need to get him new clothes since a “giant black hole” swallowed up his entire wardrobe. She’ll also have to prepare to be away from him every other weekend when he visits his children.

“Since he openly admitted (in front of several people) that you are just “some dumb drunk —–” that he met at at “tweekers” house you will be banned from these visits for fear of my children’s safety.”

The best part of the whole letter is when Melanie explains that they hot sex Jennifer was hoping to have with her husband won’t ever become a reality because her husband has nerve damage in his penis and can’t get it up.

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Melanie’s complete letter doesn’t leave “Jennifer” much to look forward to.

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