GLOVES ARE OFF: Sarah Palin FIRES Back After Email Leak PROVES Hillary Had SOMETHING To Say About Her- It’s NOT Very Nice Either!



One more facet of the cozy relationship between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign and major media outlets was revealed Wednesday through a WikiLeaks disclosure.

The leaked email also reveals that in a 2015 interview, Clinton fired off a jab at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a jab The New York Times Magazine withheld at the Clinton campaign’s request.

Clinton was talking about a trip she had made to Alaska during an interview with reporter Mark Leibovich.

“I’ve eaten moose, too. I’ve had moose stew,” Clinton told the magazine, according to a transcript WikiLeaks released as part of its dump of documents from the email account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman.

“In Alaska, moose stew. So that’s why I always got a big kick out of Sarah Palin with all of her, ‘We’re cooking up some moose stew here,’” she added, laughing at either Palin or her own comment.

Then came the part where the reporter and the Clinton campaign exchanged emails over what was fit to print.

“Fine to use the moose, but appreciate leaving the mention of Sarah Palin out,” emailed campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri after Leibovich sent the campaign a summary of what he planned to use from his “on the record” interview.

Other parts of the interview were also ordered to be stricken from what was published.

Palin responded on her Facebook page Wednesday.

“Hillary, let’s make a deal! I’ll swap ya – my special moose chili recipe for your nifty-shifty trick that lets you edit media coverage of yourself,” she posted.

Removing the reference to Palin upon the demand of the Clinton campaign is part of a wider pattern in which the media have treated the campaign with deference or supplied it inside information.

For example, Nick Merrill, Clinton’s traveling press secretary, said in one leaked email that CNN Politics Producer Dan Merica and Clinton were “basically courting each other at this point.”

Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, said the multiple close connections revealed by WikiLeaks were disappointing.

“If we had more complete coverage and less biased coverage, I do feel Mr. Trump would be able to get his message out in a way that would benefit the voters,” Conway said.

“It is disappointing to read those emails and see that folks who you think aren’t giving us a fair shake truly aren’t giving us a fair shake, but there’s a reason that they’re cozying up to the Clinton folks. Listen, this cannot be — you can’t have a true, free democracy and a free and fair election … if they’re in the bag for the other team,” she said.

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