Frightening number of people believe Trump’s sons killed a rare dinosaur on hunting trip


WTF! Liberals in San Diego are completely retarded.

The fact that people in California honestly believe anyone recently killed a dinosaur shows just how uneducated they really are. Dinosaurs are EXTINCT and have been for millions of years. Ask any third grader if they believe dinosaurs are roaming around Africa and they would say NO.

Liberals will believe anything that is anti-Trump. Having an issue with hunting and our new President is your right because this is a Democracy. But believing that dinosaurs are being shot in Africa is frightening. Is the tooth fairy real too?

Watch Here:

Honestly, did these people receive any kind of education? No wonder democrats lost the election.

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  1. Elmer Ray Toller Jr

    March 11, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    You forgot to mention either/or of the two and four toed three toed sloth. Come on let`s get real…..Bwahahaha

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