Franklin Graham Reveals 1 Thing Trump Did Before Debate That Hillary Did Not Do


For many Americans, the choice they make on their ballots in November has everything to do with the role the next president will play in shaping our Supreme Court.

Conservatives have emphasized how important it is that we elect someone who will fight for and preserve our constitutional rights by nominating justices who follow in the footsteps of the late Antonin Scalia.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have laid out their plans for the country if elected, but, as pointed out by conservative evangelical leader Franklin Graham, only one candidate has released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees — Trump.

“The public needs to recognize that this presidential election is not about personalities the way the media is trying to make it sound,” Graham wrote in a Facebook post Monday.

The prominent religious leader argued, instead, that this presidential election is about filling the Supreme Court vacancy with someone who will follow the U.S. Constitution.

“This court and their rulings on issues of religious freedom, marriage, abortion, and much more will impact this country for our lifetime and the lifetime of our children and grandchildren,” Graham wrote. “There’s so much on the line here.”

Pointing out that the next president would nominate at least one justice — and potentially several more — over the next four years, Graham asked his friends to “pray about who to vote for.”

But, he also challenged us to educate ourselves on the candidate’s potential Supreme Court nominees, so we will know where they stand on the future of the nation’s highest court — something that is possible with only one candidate, Trump, because Clinton has not released a list of names she would consider.

On Friday, Trump released his most recent update to a list of potential Supreme Court nominees, and it included a highly qualified and diverse field of candidates that is sure to satisfy conservatives and freedom-loving voters across the country.

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