Former Democrat VP Top Pick Has Some HARSH Words FOR Hillary Clinton, She IS GOING To Be PI**ED After Hearing THIS…


VIA| Democrat presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has suffered a publicity black eye from one of her own potential vice presidential picks, of all people.

Retired Adm. James Stavridis wasn’t aware that he was on the short list, and he wasn’t having any of it. On the “Kilmeade and Friends” radio show, he made it very clear that he has no intention of running for vice president. He’s not even a registered Democrat.

        You can listen to his comments here:

Stavridis, a registered independent, wasn’t even committed to voting for Clinton come November.

“At this point, I would say that I would lean toward Secretary Clinton from everything I have seen thus far,” he said. “I am very comfortable with making that decision in the privacy of my own home.”

That’s just embarrassing, coming from a potential running mate. A VP pick should be a stalwart supporter of you in the past, and have access to groups of voters that you do not, like Gov. Mike Pence and GOP nominee Donald Trump.

That all being said, the retired admiral took it all in good grace, cracking jokes.

“On a good day, I stand about 5-foot-5. When they called me up and said, ‘Hey, you’re on the shortlist,’ I thought, ‘You must talking about my height,’” he said.

Besides, he added: “It’s very hard to fit Stavridis on a bumper sticker.”

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