Former CIA Officer Abandoned by Obama: Without Trump Admin, ‘I Would Be Spending Tonight in an Italian Prison


BOOM! Once again the Trump administration effortlessly succeeded where the Obama administration failed effortlessly from lack of trying.

Former CIA case officer Sabrina De Sousa suffered many injustices at the hands of President Obama during his eight-year reign. De Sousa has been detained in Portugal awaiting extradition to Italy for crimes she should never have been accused of in the first place. As a CIA case officer, De Sousa was merely a pawn in the large game of global espionage. She was used as a scapegoat and abandoned by her President at the time of her diplomatic needs. During this time her husband had to pack up and move to Portugal, and her mother passed away while she was being detained by Portuguese officials.

Via Breitbart:

“The Obama administration and former CIA Director John Brennan abandoned De Sousa the last seven years, and in six weeks, the Trump team made her freedom possible,” Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) told Fox News.

In an op-ed for Fox News on Tuesday Hoekstra laid out the case of Sabrine De Sousa.

Via Fox News: 

Originally convicted in absentia in 2009 by the Italian legal system, America, until recently, has done very little to defend and support Sabrina and her family since. They have lived under the shadow of these convictions for years. Now she’s on her way to face punishment in Italy.

Roughly eighteen months ago Sabrina took a risk returning to Portugal. During her trip, Sabrina was arrested and instructed not to leave.

Portugal has detained her ever since.

Via Washington Post:

Italian law enforcement somehow became convinced De Sousa was secretly the head of CIA operations in Milan rather than a case officer and that Omar’s rendition was “close to the hearts” of both De Sousa and the CIA chief in Rome.

Rep. Hoekstra compared De Sousa’s case to President Obama’s abandonment of Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi, who played a crucial role in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Meanwhile, as one of his last acts as President, Obama decided to pardon a known American traitor who is a transvestite that ‘suffered’ greatly during ‘her’ imprisonment and managed to convince Obama her release before Trump took office was her last chance at freedom.

Watch Here:

This is only one of many who Obama released from GITMO.

Fortunately for Sabrina De Sousa the Trump administration came in and picked up the ball the Obama administration dropped without care.

“I want to extend my deepest appreciation to the Trump administration for all their efforts on my behalf. Without their support I would be spending tonight in an Italian prison,” said De Sousa, in a statement quoted by Fox News.

“The Obama administration and former CIA Director John Brennan abandoned De Sousa the last seven years, and in six weeks, the Trump team made her freedom possible,” Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) told Fox News.

Breitbart announced, The arrangement reached by the Trump administration involved reduction of her sentence, so there was no longer any reason for Portugal to extradite her to Italy, and the 11-year-old warrant against her is finally nullified.

“I had an arrest warrant issued against me 11 long years ago that prevented me from seeing members of my immediate family in Europe,” she told Fox News. “Finally, I can rest with the assurance there is no warrant hanging over my head.”

“In six short weeks, the Trump administration has given me more hope and support than I ever received in the past eight years from the Obama Administration or the CIA, my former employer. I had feared that the country I signed up with in good faith to serve had abandoned me,” De Sousa said.

Interesting this story hasn’t been heavily circulated throught the media. I wonder why that might be? O that’s right, it’s because the media has its head so far up Democrats back side they can’t see what the real news stories are.

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  1. Birgitta

    March 4, 2017 at 10:10 am

    This is why we know we have a president he get thing done he cares for people.

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