Libtards think Jeff Sessions should resign after meeting with Russian Ambassador. Where was this attitude when the Clintons had numerous dealings with the Russians?

Hypocrisy is the number one trait of a liberal. When they do something it’s for the good of the country, but a few years later when a Republican does the same thing it’s considered treason. Yes, as a diplomatic move the AG of America meet with another foreign dignitary.

In order to run a country the right way, communicating with all foreign powers is a necessity. Maybe that’s why Democrats in office never went well. The outrage over Jeff Sessions Russian meeting pails in comparison to the outrageous dealings the Clintons had with Russia.

Via Patriot Crier:

  • While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sales of 20% of our nation’s uranium stock to nine Russian investors who just happened to “donate” $145 Million to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 dollars by a state-backed Russian bank for a speech during the time that Hillary was running the State Department.
  • John Podesta who eventually became C.E.O. of Hillary’s campaign – that certainly qualifies him as a surrogate – netted $35 Million dollars from his company’s relationship with a Russian government fund.  Podesta later failed to disclose the fact that he sat on the board of Joule Unlimited that so heavily profited from its Russian relationship prior to being appointed to a senior advisory position by President Obama.
  • Clinton Foundation senior V.P. Maura Pally contacted State Department staffers to warn them that Hillary might be the subject of a congressional inquiry over the uranium transfer to Russia. 
  • The head of the Russian government’s uranium company personally donated almost $2.5 Million to the Clinton Foundation in a manner intended to obscure where the money came from and in direct contravention of Hillary’s pre-conditional agreement with President Obama prior to her appointment as Secretary that she would publicly identify all donors.

No democrat has the right to say Jeff Sessions should resign if they didn’t also believe the Clintons should for the exact same reason.

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