FOOTAGE: Check Out How Rude And Mean Hillary Is To Her Own Campaign Staff…


VIA| Hillary TRASHED her staff in front of the press at a conference she held on Thursday. Apparently no matter how bad your health is, you can always blame someone else for your problems!

Hillary Clinton threw her campaign staff under the bus on Thursday when she was asked at a press conference about their response to her recent health scare.

A reporter asked Clinton about how her campaign has defended her health and the confusion in the media and public that followed her near faint on Sunday. The press was kept in the dark for a period of time as to Clinton’s whereabouts after she appeared to pass out while leaving a 9/11 memorial event in New York City on Sunday.

“Can you be a little bit more specific about what those defenses are that you’re referring to, and did voters get a glimpse of some of that in the way that your campaign handled the events surrounding your illness over the weekend?” the reporter asked.

“You know, my campaign has said they could have been faster and I agree with that,” Clinton said. “I certainly expect them to be as focused and quick as possible, but I have to say from my perspective, I thought I was going to be fine and I thought that there wasn’t really any reason to make a big fuss about it. So I should have taken time off earlier. I didn’t, now I have, and I’m back on the campaign trail.”

Her aides who have talked with the media since Sunday have agreed with Clinton’s assessment that it was their fault.

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