FLASHBACK!!!: Remember Lavender From Matilda? She Looks A Little Different These Days


Source| Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, please prepare to feel hella old. Lavender, Matilda’s awesome sidekick in the 90s film of the same name, was one of our favourite characters growing up. She stood up to the wicked Miss Trunchbull, and kicked some serious butt.


It’s been 20 years since the film was first released, and its stars are now fully fledged adult humans. Who’da thought? Kiami Davael, who played Lavender in the film, has just celebrated her 30th birthday, and she’s got the Instagram selfies to prove it.

So if you’re wondering what the adorable child star grew up to look like, then simply head on over to the next page for photos of Lavender all grown up. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about feeling old. But hey, I’m going to guess Kiami feels the same way.

Over on her 21,000 follower-strong Instagram account, Kiami has been busy sharing selfies that prove she’s well and truly grown up. She uses her social media status to share her views on faith, love, happiness and work.

The child star appeared in a few roles after her time in Matilda, including TV series Conan The Adventurer, and a small role as Anna in the teen show Moesha. She also starred in comedies In the House and Grown Ups.

Kiami made sure the world knows about her love for words beginning with R, thanks to the caption: “Sometimes you just gotta reconnect, regroup, refocus, rejuvenate, repair, repent, redo, renew, refresh, restart.” Wise words there Kiami, wise words.

But what about the other members of the Matilda cast? Well, Kiami is still close friends with onscreen bestie Mara Wilson, and the pair often take selfies together during their hangout sessions. Head over to the next page to see some of their best snaps.

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