Feel Beat Down? This 2-Min David-and-Goliath Story Could Turn You Into a Warrior


Mateusz M. is a 23-year-old video editor from Lublin, Poland with a huge passion for self -development and movie montage. In this power-packed short video he uses a classic boxing story to remind us all to stand up to our trials and face life’s knockouts head on—and to make our “WHY” greater than the troubles we face.

In the Christian life, it’s all about resiliency. The Bible calls it perseverance.

If life has you backed up, you need to start fighting back. Take a cue form a little known boxer who took down a giant by knocking out Mike Tyson—and handing him his very first defeat. It’s a classic David-and-Goliath story. And it’s beautiful.

Whatever you’re facing today. Whatever trials. Whatever hurts. Whatever setbacks. Whatever loss. Get back up.

Place your hope in Christ and move fearlessly forward. Pass it on.

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