FBI Hands Democrats The WORST NEWS of Their Lives — LIBERALS ARE FURIOUS!


For months Democrats have done nothing but harp on possible ties between the Trump administration and Russia.

Finally, the results of the FBI investigation have been revealed. The results have Democrats cowering in the corner like juveniles in detention. Being proven wrong isn’t fun for anyone, but you’d think Democrats would be used to it by now.

Via Conservative Brief:

The Daily Caller first broke this story,

“More importantly, Circa’s report stresses that Americans routinely are incidentally intercepted when the FBI monitors foreign individuals like Russian embassy officials. Then-soon-to be National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn was an American who was incidentally intercepted during his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

The calls and text messages from last December to the ambassador were essentially holiday wishes and condolences for tragedies that had happened in Russia at the time. Another conversation, via text message about talking on the phone, was about sanctions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration in late December.

‘But the message the American official gave was mostly that a new sheriff was about to take over the White House and Russians shouldn’t react to the new sanctions in a way that would foreclose better dialog in the future under a Trump administration, sources said,’ Circa reported.”

All this trouble over some holiday wishes and completely innocent conversation? Wow if that isn’t the definition of liberal BS.

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