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FBI continues Ignorant Streak Claiming VA Shooter didn’t have a “Hit List,” just a Paper with 6 Names, Really?


Wow. Even after FBI director James Comey was fired, the department continues to show serious stupidity.

GOP members were shot at during a baseball practice last week and the shooter was found with a list containing the names of 6 congressional members. Anyone with common sense would recognize this as a “hit list” of sorts.

Well apparently, the FBI lacks common sense because they actually defended the shooter by saying they didn’t find a “hit list,” just a piece of paper containing the names of 6 congressional members.


Via IJR:

The FBI held a press conference on Wednesday to give an update on the investigation into the shooting of Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice one week ago.

Slater confirmed that Hodgkinson was found with a hand written list of names. It’s been widely reported that this was in fact a list of other potential victims by the would-be murderer:

“On the shooter, we found a piece of paper that contained the names of six members of Congress.

A reporter asked Slater if this was a “hit list.” And here’s where it gets interesting:

“No, ma’am I would not classify it as a hit list. It’s more of a piece of paper with six Congressional names on it.”

Seriously? Isn’t that the definition of a “hit list?”

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