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FBI and Democratic Party aligned to Justify Spying of Trump Associates


Democrats always play the blame game in order to avoid the heat.

During the 2016 presidential elections we now know the FBI was “investigating” many known associates of Donald Trump and in doing so also gathered direct feed from Trump himself. Democrats were clearly using their power to cheat and abuse their positions and it has come to light that the FBI used a “Dossier” from the Democratic Party as their “investigation” list.

Via Breitbart:

Author Paul Sperry reports that the Senate is probing the partisan nature of a DC opposition research firm which produced a “dossier” on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016 alleging that he is a secret agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin — recruited via blackmail with a videotape of Trump and urinating Russian prostitutes.

Former FBI Director James Comey reportedly cited that discredited dossier as the basis for the current investigation of “Russian interference” in the 2016 election, which has been taken up by Robert Mueller, a friend of Comey’s who served as FBI Director under presidents Bush and Obama.

And Democrats wonder why President Trump had Comey removed? Drain the swamp is clearly no joke when hindsight allows the US to really understand what was going on for the past eight years.

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