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Farmer is shocked to hear son’s classmate is hungry, gives away his harvest to feed entire town


Humanity is alive and well! One farmer proved this with an incredibly selfless act that EVERY American can learn from.

Empathy may be the most admirable attribute one can possess. Having the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and relate to what they are going through is priceless. America can only become great again if the country comes together as a whole.

Just because someone has money and is in a secure place in life doesn’t mean they shouldn’t care about improving their community so everyone can have that same luxury.

Jonathan Lawler is a farmer from Indiana who did just that after learning from his son that children in their community were struggling to eat on a daily basis.

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If all Americans took the time to help out their fellow human beings it wouldn’t just be America that became a better place. That would spread world wide.

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