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Farmer Donates Harvest So People In Need Can Get Fresh Produce


He plans on donating 500,000 pounds of food in the first year.

Notorious for its food deserts, many people in Indiana live at least 10 miles from the nearest supermarket, which makes it hard to access healthful food — and nearly impossible if you’re a low-income resident without a means of transportation.

That’s why Jonathan Lawler decided to donate his harvest to people in need — a gesture that will amount to 500,000 pounds of food in the first year, the IndyStar reported.

“When people hear the term ‘food desert’ they automatically think of urban, but in Indiana and Illinois as well, a lot of food deserts are rural,” Logansport Sen. Randy Head told Feeding Indiana’s Hungry. “We’ve got them all over the state of Indiana, in many different types of communities.”

Lawler was one of those people who was unaware of just how dire the food insecurity issue was in rural Indiana.

Once he learned the facts, the farmer realized he could turn his 32 acres into a resource for people in need. In Indiana, one in seven people struggles with hunger, which is on par with the national rate. In Central Indiana, where Lawler focuses his efforts, 150,000 people are hungry or food insecure.

But, many of those people face the added challenge of not having a supermarket nearby and having to mostly subsist on junk food from dollar stores and fast food joints.

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