Family Farms just received HUGE endorsement from President Trump


President Trump continues to show support for all American professions.

In order for America to be a self reliant country it needs to be able produce food. Farmers throughout the country know the importance of their job but they also know the struggles growing food presents. In a very presidential move Trump went to visit the farmers in Iowa and let them now how valuable their work is for the country and the his administration will continue to support them anyway possible.

Via Breitbart:

President Donald Trump celebrated farmers in Iowa on Wednesday, vowing to help protect the legacy of American farms.

“Family farmers are the backbone of America, and my administration will always support the farmer,” Trump said during a speech in Iowa this week.

The president traveled to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to highlight new farming technology.

“I’m not a farmer, but I’d be very happy to be one,” Trump said. “It’s a very beautiful world to me, and it’s a truly noble American profession.”

He recalled a quote from George Washington saying that he would “rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”

Farming is the original occupation for our founding fathers and fuels the country on a daily basis. Nobel was definitely the right word for President Trump to use.

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