IN YOUR FACE: Reporter Who Says Trump Grabbed Her Is EATING Her OWN Words After Video Surfaces


VIA| Everyone remembers the Michelle Fields situation from earlier this year where the Breitbart reporter claimed that someone in the Trump team grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

Turns out that wasn’t exactly the case.

Granted, the Trump campaign said they never touched her which was not the case either but Michelle clearly overstated just how hard she was grabbed and what the context was.

Well, another woman came out and lobbed allegations at Trump.

This time she said that Trump grabbed her after the recent Hofstra debate.

Evidence has now surfaced that debunks that story pretty thoroughly.

From Gateway Pundit:

The woman, Alexi McCammond from Bustle News, said Trump abused her. He grabbed her wrist and pushed her away:

“I asked him a very basic question about how he could garner support from normal millennial women. As a millennial black woman that is a question very important to me. Instead of answering my question he grabbed my wrist, pushed my phone away as I was recording and said put that down.

Now there’s video of what really happened.
Alexi lied.

Here’s another angle.

Clearly, it looks like this woman was not being honest about her account.

The media is desperately trying to paint Trump as some kind of monster.

It’s really not working out for them too well when people start to actually pay attention to what’s going on.

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  1. Nana

    September 30, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    I saw nothing in the second video except a gal that kind of looked like the gal in the first video kind of siddle up behind Trump, but there were people between him and her. He didn’t even turn around, and she slinked off without asking any questions. The only other people I saw were people with microphones, and he didn’t touch any of them, either. And, in that first video, I certainly didn’t see her scenario. It seemed he was asking if the cameras were ready. Didn’t hear put that down, didn’t hear her question, either. smh

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