Ex-Felon Politician, Who Slept With His 17-Year-Old Receptionist May Become The New Mayor…



Joe Morrissey is an interesting case study. He served a three-month jail sentence after prosecutors accused him of sleeping with Myrna Pride, a 17-year-old receptionist who now has children with him, as well as being married to the man.


Along with that, if THAT wasn’t bad enough, he was also accused of sexual harassment, disbarred from practicing law in Virginia in 2003, and sued by the Richmond City Democratic Committee, in which he is no longer a party member.

Morrissey was a ‘serving’ as a state legislator in 2014 when he pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor and served a 90-day work-release sentence.

Prosecutors accused him of having sex with Pride and said naked photos of her were discovered on his cellphone.
According to court documents, one text to a friend from Morrissey’s cell phone showed the side of this politician that voter apparently don’t care about:

‘Hey, buddy, I just [expletive] her on my conference table and again on the floor for good measure!’

Another text from Morrissey read:

‘Did I mention how much I like touching your body…I think I’ve explored most of it but I need a few more hours to make sure!’

But the politician swore that the texts where nothing more than the work of a hacker, and that he never slept with Myrna while she was underage.


Even with the scandal, Morrissey pulled off an stunning re-election to the General Assembly while he was still returning to jail every night.

Morrissey married Pride this June, with the both of them having two children. Both Morrissey and his wife, who now goes by Myrna Morrissey, defended her relationship with Morrissey on Facebook.

Myrna also went after the media in September, stating:

‘For over three years now, the same people who have always been against Joe throw my name at my husband like it’s a weapon. Joe’s enemies have used me without my permission. Using me to attack him, talking about me like I’m a victim, talking about our relationship like it’s not real. This should come as no surprise to many of us in Richmond. Taking away the dignity of black women and treating us as though we aren’t people [capable] of making our own choices are tactics older than Hollywood Cemetery.’

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