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Every Single Reporter Is Hiding Their Face in Shame At What Trump’s Press Secretary Just Said!


Sean Spicer gave reporters the verbal lashing of their life for continued liberal biased and weak reporting.

Honestly, what is going on with news being completely unreliable nowadays? Isn’t your job as a reporter to report the facts and back that up with confirmed evidence. Your opinion is appreciated but not if your opinion is actually a lame ass attempt to manipulate the reader with fake stories.

Altering a story or inserting false information is fraudulent behavior and doesn’t comply with the job of being a reporter. If you can’t report the facts regardless of your personal feelings about the situation you need to get a new job.

Via USA Politica Today:

White House press secretary Sean Spicer just gave journalists a lashing with his tongue. Spicer blasted the press for reporting that there was nobody showing up to the inauguration. This simply wasn’t true. News outlets then reported that there were no official numbers available.

Trump’s press secretary said that there were 720,000 present at the inauguration on Friday morning. Here is the specific picture in question.

Sean Spicer made journalists wait an hour on Saturday and then attacked them for their deliberate false reporting.

Watch Here:

Liberal news outlets should not exist unless they say that is what they are. Pretending to be a nonbiased news source with sitting as far left as possible isn’t reporting the fact, is it?

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