Every Single American Must See This OMEN From God Proving Hillary Lost The Debate!


VIA| Besides the fact that Hillary Clinton lost that debate… Besides the fact that Trump tore her to shreds… Besides the fact that Hillary’s spokesperson Jesse Lehrich told Trump that he should “Go F*ck” himself, you know your campaign is in trouble when a fly lands on Hillary Clinton’s face during the debate.

 *** Most Americans didn’t see this! 

A fly landed on Hillary’s face during the debate. You know why? It’s because flies are attracted to shit.

This is going to ruin her. It’s going to be the biggest topic of the night. There is a reason that a fly landed on Hillary and that’s because she is the queen of the flies. She is evil itself.

Here it is again.

God sent us a sign in the form of a tiny fly. It’s time that Trump becomes President. It’s time to stop the sh*t from sliding. It’s time to lock Hillary Clinton up. It’s time to vote Trump. Amen!!

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