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Even after Baton Rouge, Obama still REFUSING to do this for fallen police officers…


VIA| After a total of eight police officers have been murdered in cold blood this month, the decent thing for the White House to do would be to honor those who’ve stepped up to uphold the law and keep Americans safe on a daily basis.

That, apparently, is asking too much of our current commander in chief, who refuses to light up the White House blue in memory of these brave officers.

Keep in mind he had no problem lighting it up immediately when the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage.

The Free Beacon reports, Fox New’s Kevin Corke told Earnest that he gets this question very often, which was about why the President hasn’t lit the White House in blue yet to honor the fallen officers. He has previously lit the White House in multi-colors to show support for the Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage.

“I’ve asked you about this previously,” he said. “It seems to be such a very small but potentially powerful gesture that would take so little and would mean so much to so many, and I’m just wondering if there might be any reconsideration, especially given what has now just happened again in Baton Rouge?”

Earnest promptly responded by saying that Obama has no intention of illuminating the White House in blue.

He then continued by stressing all of the other things Obama has done to show support for law enforcement, such as lowering the flags to half-mast, going to Dallas for the memorials, and giving speeches.

Earnest reiterated that all police officers deserve nothing but respect from the community for their “heroic work.”

“I think all of this is an indication of just how strongly the president feels about the need to show our strong support for our men and women in law enforcement,” he said. “As the president said on a number of occasions, the vast majority of our police officers do an outstanding job and they do heroic work. They put on the uniform and walk out the door, prepare to put their life on the line at a moment’s notice, just to protect their community, and that is work that is worthy of our respect and praise, and not our scorn.”

The bottom line is honoring cops does not promote the racially divisive narrative being pushed by our president and his administration; therefore, he’s not going to show the respect these folks deserve.

On the other hand, if it’s something that can help pander to potential Democratic voters, the president won’t waste a moment lighting that bad boy up.


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