Eric Bolling Just Called Traitor Paul Ryan Out On Live TV For Being An A-Hole, It’s Incredible [Video]


Conservative commentator Eric Bolling calls out Paul Ryan for the miserable weasel we all know him to be.

During the Presidential campaign House Speaker Paul Ryan showed absolutely no respect for Donald Trump. He refused to support him even though he was the REPUBLICAN candidate and Ryan is part of that same party.

Now that Trump is in office Ryan has done a complete turnaround. Pretending to support him but is this support under false pretenses? A recent health care bill was to be presented to the President. Only that didn’t happen, wonder why?

Via Conservative 101:

Bolling recently in an interview with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, “For weeks we’ve heard that you had the votes. Paul Ryan had the votes, he’s gonna deliver a bill to the president’s desk that he could push through and get behind, and get his name behind. And now we have this postponement for a day. Is the president, is he disappointed with the health care bill that he’s been presented?”

Sean described how wrangling votes is a balancing act, and Bolling continued, “Alright, alright, Sean, so y’know, and I’m watching this from the other side of the camera here, and I’m watching you guys, you tell me it’s gonna happen and we’ve been hearing it’s gonna happen. Is the president uhm, disappointed with the Speaker of the House?”

Watch Here:

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