Enemies Of America Will Be Sweating When They See What The U.S. Has Just Accomplished For The First Time Ever


Wow! The Navy is making massive strides! A huge advancement in drone weaponry technology has just moved the United States military to a whole new level.

Rather than send pilots into hostile areas to do recon missions, we can now utilize drones to do that for us. A man-less drone can now be operated 100’s of miles away, and a new high tech refueling is insanely efficient. The Navy just accomplished the first ever ‘refuel in the sky’ and it was an incredible breakthrough in war technology. Mess with us now..I dare you!

VIA| It’s called the X-47B, the Navy’s carrier-launched drone or unmanned combat air vehicle. The tail-less, jet-powered drone which first flew in 2011 is a demonstrator that has successfully taken off from and landed on the deck of several aircraft carriers, including the USS George H.W. Bush. And now, the X-47B has just passed another milestone — a major step in proving this could be the battlefield-ready aircraft that never has to land.

Defensetech reports that the Navy has conducted the first successful aerial refueling of the X-47B off the coast of Maryland. This mid-air refueling is another critical achievement in proving the drone’s operational capability.

“The Navy launched and landed the X-47B in rapid succession with an F/A-18 fighter jet as part of a series of joint manned and unmanned flight tests aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in August of last year off the coast of Norfolk, Va., service officials said.”

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