BOMBSHELL: The Email That Just Leaked About Nancy Pelosi Will Bring Her Down For Good


Mainstream media won’t cover the story of Wasserman Schultz IT staffer getting arrested while trying to flee the country and now Julian Assange tweeted out a leak that links Nancy Pelosi!

Nobody is covering this story! This shouldn’t be a surprise given the liberal media’s intent on bringing Trump down and raising the democrats back into power. No, this story doesn’t go along with their agenda.

From Liberty Writers:

Here is the full email, dated May 12, 2016 from the DNC leaks.

“Pelosi is doing s [sic] closed door meeting. No staff or anyone allowed. Kaitlyn come to Rayburn room and get her iPad for Imran.

Tracie and Kate I will call Kate. Conf in Tracie

Rosalyn Kumar
Rep. Wasserman Schultz”

It now seems like Rep. Pelosi gave her iPad to the same person that was just arrested trying to flee the country with $300,000.00.

Here is what she said earlier in the year.

Imran was arrested for fleeing the U.S.

According to Politico, “A senior Democratic aide confirmed that Awan was employed by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-Fla.) as of Tuesday of this week.”

Oh, what a tangled web you weave, when you practice to deceive! Democrats are surrounded by corruption! Wake up America!  These are the quality people you see running this whole scam on Trump! They are so strikingly dirty that they reek of corruption! 

Keep draining the swamp President Trump! We will all be celebrating when we finally see one of these dirty politicians go down for their crimes! Share this all over the internet since we won’t be hearing it on CNN!

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