Elizabeth Warren gets “Nasty” following GOP baseball shooting


Democrats don’t believe in unity instead they prefer to divide the country.

In the wake of the attack that occurred during a GOP baseball practice, Democrat and Clinton flunky Elizabeth Warren declared it to only be the beginning. While most politicians called for unity Warren should no sympathy or support for fellow colleague Steve Scalise who was shot during the game.

Via Young Cons:

Since the attack on the GOP baseball practice, some in media haven’t seemed to know how to refrain from attacking the GOP, some even attacking wounded Steve Scalise himself.

Democratic leaders have generally been supporting talking unity.

But not Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

In a speech before a crowd, Warren warned President Donald Trump, “You ain’t seen nasty yet!”

Watch Here:

She then goes on to talk about how people were full of “optimism and hope” at the Women’s March at various places across the country.

It didn’t sound much like ‘optimism and hope’ at the Women’s March when Madonna was pitching when she talked about how she thought about blowing up the White House. Or when Ashley Judd assailed Trump, accusing him of incest and saying she was as “nasty as the blood on her sheets.”

Elizabeth Warren is a feminist liberal that only cares about woman who support the Democratic Party and are members of the middle class. Who cares about the rest of the country, right?

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