‘Economic Terrorism’: NEW Bill Proposed To Crack Down On Rioters Causing CHAOS!!!


VIA| A Republican state senator plans to propose a bill that would make it a felony to participate in protests that cause what he labels “economic terrorism.”

Washington State Sen. Doug Ericksen, who served as the deputy director for the Donald Trump campaign in The Evergreen State, says the bill would allow felony prosecution of people involved in protests that block transportation and commerce, damage property, threaten jobs and put public safety at risk.

On “Fox & Friends Weekend” this morning, Ericksen said that he supports citizens’ right to protest, but this bill is targeting those who “take it to the next level.”

“You have a right to protest. You do not have a right to do harm to people or personal property,” Ericksen said. “This is intended to protect the citizens of my state and people around the country from those that get out of control or from the organizers of these protests that get out of control.”

He said the response to the bill has been “amazing,” although some people have misunderstood it as an assault on the right to protest.

“You cannot do harm to other citizens in your protest. You can protest, wave the signs, do what you want, but once you cross that line and harm other people, that’s where this type of legislation would come into play.”

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