Early Voting Changes Show SHOCKING Numbers… The 2016 Presidential Election Will Be a LANDSLIDE!


VIA| Before the weekend, the FBI let the world know that it had re-opened the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a home email server. Now, we’ve learned the investigation will be expanded to include the Clinton Foundation.

Now, hit has set the Clinton campaign and the 2016 presidential election into chaos. Immediately after the FBI announcement, people went onto Google and searched directions for changing their early vote.

Here’s how Google charged the searches:

early vote switch

That trend isn’t just because it’s an election year. This chart accurately shows early voting interest dating back to 2012:

early vote switch

Which Google searches are associated with the search phrase, “Change Early Vote?” Here it is:
early vote switch

And many states do allow for early voting changes:

early vote switch

That means anyone searching for directions to change their early vote was trying to vote for Donald Trump…. NOT Hillary Clinton.

And as Breitbart reports, the actual counted ballots for Trump are already showing amazing results:

Trump communications advisor Jason Miller said on Breitbart News Sunday that Donald Trump has thousands of more early votes racked up than Mitt Romney did during this point in the 2012 election, giving them more momentum heading into the final week of the 2016 presidential election.

“I want to give you a couple of early voting, absentee voting successes we’ve seen,” Miller told SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle. “We can talk about polls… But let me tell you about real votes coming in now in Florida. Republican numbers at this point are a combination of absentee voting and early voting. Republican numbers are up seven percent, and Democrat numbers are down ten percent. So, what does that mean?”

“Usually, the Democrats will come out of early voting, pre-election voting ahead, but right now, we’re at a pace to be 100,000 votes closer than where Mitt Romney was four years ago,” Miller said.

CNN reports that in Florida, nearly three million voters have already cast their ballots. So far, registered Republicans lead Democrats by approximately 13,545 votes.


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