Duck Dynasty’s 1st Prayer: “I Pray Hollywood Repents Before You Burn ‘Em All in the End”


Duck Dynasty has become the top-rated reality show in cable history—and contrary to most of the smut clogging the reality TV space, it’s made its mark by projecting solid Christian values and family entertainment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Alan Robertson reminisced on how the show got its start at the Family Research Council’s “Watchmen on the Wall” ministry gathering, and it’s pretty remarkable to see where theDuck Dynasty journey has gone from there.

The prayer that his father Phil lifted up on the very first episode has essentially turned Phil into the respected Christian icon and speaker that he is today, which is quite interesting considering that prayer he delivered was anything but reverent and politically correct. While Phil was attempting to send a request to our Heavenly Father, he was also sending a somewhat comical spiritual message to the Hollywood reporters who sat in the room.

“And so everybody bowed their head around the time for the prayer and they said, ‘Okay, Mr. Phil, if you would start the prayer,’” recounted Alan. “And he said, ‘Lord I just pray today for this group that’s here from Hollywood, California. I pray that they would repent and turn to you before you burn ‘em all in the end. And they probably won’t run this, but in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.’ So he looked up, you know, and everybody’s eyes were this big around,” he added.

Because of that one family prayer projected on national TV at the end of each episode, Phil’s unfiltered views as a born-again Christian have spread to the masses like wildfire.
NEW ORLEANS, LA - MAY 29: Reality TV personality Phil Robertson speaks during the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference on May 29, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Some of the biggest names in the Republican Party are scheduled to speak at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference, which hosts 1,500 delegates from across the country through May 31. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“Many people make their way out just to talk to my Dad about the good news of Jesus Christ,” he said. “What’s interesting is how it came to be is phenomenal.”

“It really was just one prayer on a televised show.”

Alan elaborated that the show’s success surpassed everyone’s wildest dreams. “Now nobody knew our show was going to be as popular as it was,” he shared.

“Our show was something very different,” Alan added.  “We sat down for the family prayer and we filmed it around the table. Because we realized that we want to get a message kind of upstairs or up to New York or over to L.A., you do something on camera because everybody watches that.”

It’s pretty incredible to see a Christian show shining in the limelight with millions of viewers amidst all the not-so-edifying programs Hollywood has to offer. After 9 seasons strong, Duck Dynasty has sure withstood the test of time, and I only hope we see more shows follow in their footsteps in the future!

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